About This Blog

I started learning to sew in March 2016 and created this blog (in August 2016) to document my progress and keep a record of what I’ve made and when.

I love sewing more than I ever imagined I would and I’ve become immersed in all aspects of the dressmaking process. Learning to sew jackets for myself is my first goal. I also want to learn to make flat caps.

Although the finished garment may look daunting to achieve, I’ve discovered that sewing something you desire is not a difficult task if you break it down into manageable pieces and have the right materials, tools, skills and techniques to get the job done properly.

I love reading sewing blogs and as well as helping me solve sewing problems and find the answers to my sewing related questions I have found they’ve greatly inspired me to continue on my sewing journey, attempting to make new things.

I would be delighted to inspire others via my various creations and I also enjoy sharing sewing techniques, tips, and tricks I’ve learned on my way.