Janome DC3050 Error Lo overload Restarted Too Soon

I sometimes get this error ‘Lo’ on the screen when the needle jams and it usually means tangled threads, most likely caused by the bobbin area.

For example:

– something is tangled in the bobbin area – check  for thread and fluff/lint
– the bobbin is threaded in a cone shape
– something is threaded incorrectly in the machine

When I get this error I begin by removing the bobbin and the thread plate, removing any mass of threads or tangles and checking the state of the actual bobbin. I then rethread the machine and usually the problem will solve. 


I also read that the bobbin can be in the wrong way but I’m not actually sure how this is possible as I can’t see a difference in the bobbin whichever way up it is.

Janome DC3050 Error LO

Janome DC3050 Error LO

The Lo error is an overload message, which means the sewing machine needs to to be switched off and left for approximately 15 minutes before turning it on again. It usually happens after a severe thread jam or persistent Lo messages may occur if something continues to cause a jam somewhere in the lower part of the machine. This could still be a tiny piece of thread or lint in or around the bobbin area, or a tangled nest of thread and lint in the feed dog area.

Janome user manual’s contain a trouble shooting guide including all error codes and how to fix them.


Janome DC3050 Sewing Machine Manual

Janome DC3050 Sewing Machine Manual… click to view

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