Sewing Knickers from a Knicker Kit makes for a Fun Evening Project

I bought the Wild & Wolf Knickers Kit from Amazon as a quick way to learn to make a pair of frilly knickers. The kit contains “Everything you need to make polka dot knickers!” and comes with detailed instructions. Sewing knickers is not something I’ve ever attempted before but it’s a fun little project to attempt in between other bigger makes. A pair of knickers can be created from very little fabric, so it’s a useful way of using up left over fabric scraps and cute fat quarters that you have lying around.

Sewing Knickers – Kit with All You Need

Learn to Sew Knickers with a Kit

Learn to Sew Knickers with a Kit

Inside the pretty takeaway inspired box were all the bits and pieces needed to sew one pair of cute frilly knickers. The contents include dotty navy fabric, scalloped edge elastic, needle, thread, ribbon and a sew-on cherry motif.

Learn to Sew Knickers with a Kit

Learn to Sew Knickers with a Kit

Step-by-Step instructions cover two sides of a large sheet of paper, they are detailed and easy to follow as I understand many ‘indie’ patterns are (independent sewing pattern designers). The only issue I have with the kit, is that it states you can make them in a small, medium or large, but there is no indication as to what those sizes correlate to in ordinary high-street sizing like 10-12, 14-16 etc.

Making a Toile or Three

To be sure I made a size that would fit me, I decided to make each of the sizes as a practice run.

I’m really glad I chose to do this because although the instructions are extensive and simple-to-follow, it is still easy to make mistakes and I did indeed manage to make quite a few along the way.

I began by tracing out all the pattern pieces using square gridded pattern paper in each of the three sizes available.

Large Knickers

I chose to start with the ‘Large’ size first, using an old pink and silver scarf as the fabric. After tracing the pattern pieces, I cut out the fabric. There are only three pieces so it’s a pretty quick project to make once you get the hang of it.

The main mistake I made with this first effort was stitching the elastic to the wrong side of the fabric. Also somehow I made a hole in the front of the fabric, it could have been with a pin, but I’m not sure.

Cutting the Pattern

Cutting the Pattern

Sewing Knickers from a kit

Sewing Knickers from a kit

Medium Knickers

Next I made the Medium pair, using a dotty purple cotton fat quarter from a bundle I bought at Dunelm Mill. I also made a few mistakes with this one. I used straight stitch instead of zigzag, I used the wrong colour of thread and I wasn’t as accurate as I should have been at measuring and attaching the elastic.

This pair ended up looking a very similar size to the Large, probably because I attached the elastic with straight stitch. I was quite careless making this second pair, possibly due to lack of sleep. Sewing whilst tired is never a good idea.

Knickers Pants Underwear Sew it Yourself

Large and Medium Knickers

Small Knickers

Finally I made the Small size pair using a cute roses & scissors cotton fabric, also from the Dunelm fat quarter bundle. I was extra careful this time round and followed the instructions to the letter. Thinking I had made them perfectly, with no mistakes, I was gutted to later discover that I’d actually sewn the gusset in upside down! It’s not a problem though, as it was easy to trim to fit.

Machine Stitching Sewing Knickers

Machine Stitching Sewing Knickers

Having made all three sizes, I really don’t see very much of a difference between them at all. At a guess I think they might be between 10 and 14.

Sewing Knickers from a Kit

Knickers in Roses and Scissors Fabric Fat Quarters

Sewing Knickers – The Real Deal

Now that I have made my three samples, it’s time to get down to business and sew the real deal using the contents of the knicker kit! I was extra careful again and managed to make my best pair yet. However, I also managed to suffer my first sewing machine injury. Thankfully the needle went in and out my fingernail so quickly, I barely knew it had happened, but boy was it throbbing afterwards! Ouch! Reminder to always be extra careful to keep fingers away from moving machinery! I am completely useless when it comes to any finger injuries. I quickly covered it up with plasters so I wouldn’t have to look at it and risk passing out.

The elastic that came with the kit was far nicer to work with than the plain, boring elastic I’d used for my practice pairs. This elastic has a soft cushioned side, presumably to feel gentle against your skin. It also has a cute little scalloped edge, that looks pretty and more professional, when it peeps over the edges.

I then hand sewed a little yellow ribbon onto the centre front, along with the cherry motif that was also included in the knicker kit.


Wild and Wolf Knickers Kit The Makery

Wild and Wolf Knickers Kit Made up

The Makery – Sewing Knickers and Other Lovely Sewing Kits

This sewing kit is produced by The Makery. Also available are a selection of other stylish kits available for you to quickly and easily sew lovely things.

The Makery Sewing Kits

Alternative Sewing Kits by The Makery

The Makery Sewing Kit Sets

The Makery Sewing Kit Sets

Sewing lingerie is actually quite a fashionable thing to do this year. So if you want to try your hand at a selection of different shapes and sizes of pants and other frilly items, here are a couple of books that look great too:

Knickers Sewing Pattern Book

Knickers Sewing Pattern Book

The Secrets of Sewing Lingerie

The Secrets of Sewing Lingerie Book



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