Sewing My First Jacket – Simplicity K8055

Simplicity K8055 Short Jacket

This is my first attempt at sewing a jacket and I followed the Simplicity K8055 pattern that came free with Sew Magazine (July 2016 issue).

Simplicity Jacket K8055

Simplicity Pattern K8055 – Jacket D

I followed pattern D and made it in size 12.

This would have been a lot simpler if I had chosen a plain fabric but using a check meant I had to attempt to pattern match, which made it more complicated. The fabric is a soft grey wool, which feels really nice.

I really enjoyed making this. It is the first time I have made a garment with pockets, darts and facings. There are a few things about it that I’m not happy with and would definitely take more time over if I make it again, but overall it was a great pattern to begin with for my first jacket.

It is unlined so the inside seams look unfinished. I added a thick bias binding to the main seam around the inside in an effort to tidy it up and disguise the raw edges. It is navy blue and orange, I really liked it, but it’s added a bit of unnecessary bulk and although I personally like the colours, it doesn’t really tie in well with the garment. Also, the back arc (I don’t know the technical term) seems like it should fall lower down the inside of the jacket. Perhaps it is the bulk of the binding stopping it from lying properly but I think it would look better if it was a deeper arc anyway.

I need to practice my hems as this one seemed to be a bit wobbly on the inside. I also wish I had been more accurate with the button positioning, as there appears to be some gaping when the second button is closed.

Unfortunately, although it does fit me and feels nice, I don’t particularly suit the finished shape to the jacket, I think it would look better on a taller figure so I will probably move onto a different pattern for my next attempt at sewing a jacket.

Blue and Orange Bias Binding to disguise seams

Blue and Orange Bias Binding

simplicity 8055 jacket D size 12


simplicity jacket D 8055

simplicity jacket D 8055

Simplicity Jacket K8055 Sew (8)

Simplicity Jacket K8055 Sew (8)

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