Simplicity Pattern 1206 Sewing Challenge 2016 – Children’s Waistcoat

After submitting my entry to the Simplicity Sewing Challenge 2016 I was pleased to discover the contest had been extended until the end of September. I found out the rules state we can enter up to two categories so I decided to have a go at the Children’s category too. #SimplicitySewingChallenge

Simplicity Pattern 1206

The pattern is Simplicity pattern 1206 and I opted to make the waistcoat for my 2 year old son. This seems like something he might get some wear out of.

I wanted to use a light blue fabric, as the colour really suits him. A Chambray with Navy Swallows on a Light Blue – Denim Look Cotton Blend by Higgs and Higgs via Ebay was my final choice. I bought 1 metre for £7.99.

Navy Swallows on a Light Blue Cotton Fabric Denim Look

Navy Swallows on a Light Blue Cotton Fabric

Tracing, Cutting and Sewing

I chose the age 2 size and traced this pattern. I then cut out each pattern piece, there were only four.

Each piece was placed onto the wrong side of the fabric, which was folded selvedge edge at the top with a vertical grainline.

It turned out I only needed about half a metre (great value!)

Waistcoat Toddler Simplicity Pattern 1206

Pattern Pieces in Place

After pinning the paper pieces in place, it was time to cut out the fabric pieces. I had a nice navy lining in my fabric stash, but there was only enough of it to line the two front panels. I opted to use the swallow fabric for the lining of the back piece too.

Simplicity 1206 Cutting out the pattern pieces

Cutting out the pattern pieces

Simplicity pattern 1206 Pinned onto wrong side of Fabric

Simplicity pattern 1206 Pinned onto Fabric

I sewed all of the markings (from the paper pattern) onto each of the cut out fabric pattern pieces, as I find this easier than chalk and more reliable to stay in place.

Simplicity Pattern 1206 cut Out Pattern Pieces

Simplicity Pattern 1206 cut Out Pattern Pieces

I love sewing small garments, as I find them much easier to handle. This was generally a straightforward pattern to follow, with very clear step by step instructions.

Regularly Press the Waistcoat as you sew

Pressing the Waistcoat

I made a couple of silly mistakes like when it stated to understitch the lining, I accidentally sewed up the front and back separately, so they were not connected at the sides. The unpicker made quick work of rectifying that problem.

There is quite a lot of toing and froing between using the iron to press and turning the garment inside and out. Once the sides were sewn up, it was time to stitch the hem and once again the waistcoat had to be turned inside out. At this point I got a bit confused, because it was all one piece but eventually I pulled out the hem of the front and back, got them all lined up neatly and pinned them into place.

Buttons and Final Tweaks

After sewing a 5/8″ hem, all the way along, I turned it back the right way out. Time for another press, then I top stitched all the way around the waistcoat. This really made a lovely difference to the finish.

Choosing the buttons took longer than I expected. I sorted through a large tub of buttons that I already own. After placing a few different styles, colours and sizes onto the garment to test, I opted for three small black buttons down the front and two silver buttons, embellished with tiny stars, for the tab on the back of the waistcoat.

Simplicity Pattern 1206 Toddler Waistcoat Rear View Pale Blue

Simplicity Pattern 1206 Toddler Waistcoat Rear View




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